Just when you thought it was safe to walk through the Halloween party cemetery Distortions Unlimited rolls out another great zombie animatronic to spook your friends and family on Halloween. The Grave Danger prop is part of their 2018 collection that is starting to hit their website.

Here’s a video of the animated zombie prop in action.

I’m not a big fan of the animated zombie groundbreakers you see in Halloween stores every year. I’ve always felt those were cheap props that a manufacturer could save some money on by only having to make half of a prop and still charging almost full price. However, one thing I love about the Grave Danger prop from Distortions Unlimited is the detail. All of Distortions Unlimited props are top notch and look so realistic. To me the most important thing about a prop is looking realistic. A lot of the props you buy from Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween are fairly inexpensive and look like they were made that way. Sure, you can cover up a lot of imperfections at night and use lighting to make those props look cool but items from Distortions Unlimited look good at night and also during the day too.

The Grave Danger prop retails for $429 and is a little more expensive than other props you find around Halloween. But you have to keep in mind that Distortions Unlimited makes premium Halloween props that are used in Haunted Houses all over the country.

I’ve already gushed about how much I love the Grave Danger prop but I would like to see it tweaked a little. The prop looks like a real zombie but if Distortions Unlimited could figure out a way to make the zombie’s mouth move while he’s rising up, man, that would be awesome. Even though his arms and hands aren’t moving, by simply going up and down it gives off the illusion that they are. It would really cool to see the zombie’s arm move to the left or right as he rises up from the ground to give it a little more realism.

All in all the Grave Danger prop is a great prop and would be a great addition to anyone’s collection. If I saw it pop up beside a tombstone at a Halloween party I know I would be freaked out and do a double take to see if it’s real. It might cost a little more, but to me the quality is always worth the extra money.