After “It” took over the box office last September it seems like every Halloween prop manufacturer is trying to get their animatronic version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown out into the market. I’ve seen a few knockoffs but the best so far comes from Poison Props. Their Flesh Eater Clown is amazing and will scare the bejeezus out of you.

Check out the video and see this clown for yourself.

I’m not sure if Poison Props bought the exclusive license from Warner Brothers to make their new prop. But their Flesh Eater Clown is so well done it’s hard to distinguish their prop from the creepy clown in “It”.

Flesh Eater Clown stands 7 feet tall and has a red balloon that covers his face (which is pretty darn creepy by itself). When the clown pulls the balloon away you see him feasting on a child’s hand. Talk about messed up… The Flesh Eater is a pneumatics prop and runs on compressed air. He’s not exactly something you get at Spirit Halloween that you can plug into an outlet and turn on. But from the look of the clown in the video Flesh Eater Clown might be worth the trouble of hooking up to an air compressor.

Like most Poison Props their version of Pennywise isn’t cheap. The Flesh Eater Clown will set you back approximately $2,600 plus another $325 for shipping. Poison Props has been around the industry for years and have a reputation of building quality props that are built to last. Their props have been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as haunted houses all over the country.

Poison Props also made a Pennywise Lunger that jumps out at you. Yeah, you read that correctly. There is a Pennywise that jumps out and comes after you. Here’s the video for that version.

Pennywise Lunger is pretty cool and operates uses a scissor mechanism to jump out at you. It’s not quite as creepy as Flesh Eater Clown with the red balloon but I can definitely see it will be in demand this year too. It’s roughly the same price and costs $340 to ship.

Just imagine having a yellow rain coat in the corner of the yard on Halloween. When the trick or treaters walk over to examine it the Pennywise Lunger jumps out at them from behind the bushes. That could seriously scar some poor kid. But it would definitely be pretty cool.

With “It” being white hot you can count on numerous Pennywise knockoffs coming your way in 2018. But from what I’ve seen so far, Poison Props is crushing it with Flesh Eater Clown. And if you want Pennywise to jump out at someone, you can’t go wrong with Pennywise Lunger. Both would make a fine addition to your collection and scare A LOT of people.