We all love Halloween animatronics but who doesn’t love Jolly Old Saint Nick at Christmas time? Gemmy made a really cool dancing Santa Clause prop for Christmastime. Like most high-end Halloween props the Dancing Santa does cost more than a usual animated prop and will cost you $200+. But the Santa prop is really cool and is always fun to bring out for the Holidays.

Like the real Santa Clause you see at the mall during the holidays who lives at the North Pole the prop is pretty realistic with a big, bushy white beard. He also as on a pair of glasses so he can go over the Naughty and Nice lists. The animated Santa prop is dressed in the traditional red Santa suit with a black belt and a gold belt buckle. You can’t miss the red stocking cap on his head. He’s also wearing the standard black boots that you need when driving a sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Santa is operated by a sensor or a button at the base of the prop. When activated Santa sways his arms and hips. His mouth moves while singing Christmas songs in English or Spanish depending on which setting he is on. All you have to do is flip a switch to get him to change languages.

Here are some of the phrases Santa Clause says when activated.

“We have a lot to do tonight so let’s go” and then sings “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.
“This is going to be the best Christmas ever” and then begins “Up on the housetop”.
“Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” and then sings “Deck the Halls”.

When you switch Santa over to his Spanish songs he doesn’t really have a greeting in Spanish. He just says, “Ho ho ho” and then begins singing Christmas songs in Spanish.

One thing that is really cool about Gemmy’s Santa is that he is collapsible. A lot of their props are made this way so they can be put into storage a little easier than most animated props. All you have to do is push Santa’s shoulders down and he collapses about two feet. I always collapse my Gemmy props when I put them away each year. When you don’t use a prop for eleven months, it’s always helpful when you can put them away very easily.

Gemmy also makes an African-American version of the Santa prop that is the same price. It does the same thing the white animatronic does.