Clowns are the hot thing this year after “It” dominated the box office in September. Clown animated props are in demand this year as we’ve seen the 7′ Evil Clown sell out at Spirit Halloween after only a week or two after their stores opened around the country.

But what good is a clown at Halloween party if you don’t have some creepy music to compliment the prop. I like to do a clown tent every year and I always make sure I include some clown music as well as some lights. But which songs should you use? There are several out there but you have to make sure they are just fun and upbeat, you also need something a little creepy too that will make your friends and family a little leery about that they are seeing.

Here are some of the best I’ve found that are fairly cheap on that run anywhere from $1.29 to .89 cents.

1. The Circus Theme Song is the most widely known song all over the world that can be associated with clowns. The song will take you back in time to when you were a kid and you were visiting the cirus. As soon as you hear it you know what it is and that some clowns are about to appear.

2. Circus Carnival is another song that as soon as you hear will make you think you are back at the circus. It’s a little more upbeat than the Circus Theme Song but still a classic song that will make you wonder where the clowns are.

3. Carnival Organ is another good song brings back memories of the circus but it is a little more ominous and definitely much more creepy than the first two.

4. Creepy Clowns and Jumping Jacks (Halloween Soundscape) is another song that reminds you of some creepy clowns. It’s not as dreary as the Carnival Organ song but it’s still a good one.

5. Epilogue – The Pennywise Dance from “It” Soundtrack creeps me out. It’s like a distorted Circus Theme Song and really sets the tone for something bad happening that involves a clown. If it’s from “It” you know it’s bound to be creepy and this song doesn’t disappoint at all.

6. The Evil Ringmaster (Creepy Clown Theme) is a really cool creepy song that definitely makes you think a clown is about to jump out at you and try to eat you. It’s slow and ominous like something bad is definitely bad about to happen.

7. Scary Clown Laughing isn’t exactly a song but it is exactly just that. It’s a scary clown laughing. This track might work really well if you have a clown prop that doesn’t make any noise. The sound of a clown laughing is just as creepy as any circus or carnival music you can play.

8. Porcelain by Jay Price is a song that takes me back to the days of old and sounds like a creepy old-timey carnival. It’s a little different that most clown songs.

9. Madcap Mayhem is totally different than anything on this list. It’s a little more zany and sounds like something from a Looney Tune Bugs Bunny cartoon. It’s definitely different and it gives a totally different vibe but still makes you think of the circus when it’s playing.

10. Where Does it End? is a great slow paced song that will make you think a clown is coming after you. It’s a lot slower than most on the list but still a great change up that will set up your scene with the clown props.

There you go. After listening to them all I’m a little creeped out.