Despite poor reviews Bright was one of the biggest movies Netflix has ever produced. From Orcs to Everywhere you looked last December you saw a commercial or trailer featuring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Edgerton played an Orc police officer, Nick Jakoby who was the first ever Orc police officer in Los Angeles.

If you are a fan of the film and would like to dress up as an Orc this year for Halloween, you are in luck. The guys over at have a mask that looks a lot like the Orcs from Bright.

Immortal Masks also make a female version of the mask too. Check it out.

Technically their mask is called “Hybrid Silicone Mask”. They aren’t exactly like the Orcs in Bright but they are pretty darn close. However, if you choose the “Flesh Patterned” version you are going to get version of the mask that is almost indistinguishable from the Orc from Bright.

If you want to dress up like Nick Jakoby or make a prop of an ogre you really can’t go wrong with the Hybrid Silicone Mask from Immortal Masks. You can get a police costume from or ebay for around $20 and a prop gun is just as easy to find.

Immortal Masks are amazing and so well done. Immortal Masks takes a lot of pride in having some of the highest quality masks available on the market. The only bad part about buying one of them is the cost. A Flesh Patterned Hybrid Silicone Mask will set you back $550. That may seem like a lot but if you appreciate the quality and the work that goes into the mask $550 doesn’t sound that bad. But if you look at it like an investment and take care of the mask it is definitely worth the extra money.