Once again Spirit Halloween continues to churn out new props for Halloween 2018. Today they introduced their newest prop, The Towering Reaper. As you can see he’s pretty tall and very imposing. Check out the video below.

10 Ft Towering Reaper Animatronics – Decor…

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Price: $249.99
Sale: $249.99

At 10.5 feet tall the Towering Reaper will definitely be an attraction at your Halloween party. When activated the Reaper’s head begins to move back and forth and he will being to talk. He has several different phrases he will repeat.

“Look who comes this way. I thought I was trouble, ha ha ha!”

“It is almost time for me to take another soul. Will it be yours?”

The Towering Reaper is a pretty cool prop. If you like big props then this animatronic is definitely right up our alley. Bigger tends to be better when it comes to animated props so I imagine Spirit Halloween will sell a lot of the Towering Reapers this year.

I think my favorite thing about the Reaper is that his eyes glow blue. Just about every prop on the market has red eyes and I hate that. I like the fact that the light inside his eyes sits back inside his skull and isn’t sticking out to make him look cheesy.

I also like the fact that the Reaper is big but honestly, he looks like just about every other animated Grim Reaper props you see at Rite-Aid or Home Depot that you can pick up for twenty bucks the day after Halloween. Another thing that bothers me is that his mouth doesn’t even move when he talks. If I’m going to drop over $200 for a Halloween props I have to be blown away by what he does.

Speaking of price, the Towering Reaper comes in at $249.99. In addition to being one of the most expensive props available this year the Reaper is also an oversized item and will cost you an extra $20 to ship in addition to normal shipping and handling charges.

I likely will pass on the Towering Reaper but I have every intention of checking him out in person at a Spirit Halloween store when they begin to open in a few weeks. I might check him out and be blown away. That’s the fun part of Halloween props. You might see something on a website and not be impressed but when you check it out in a store it blows you away. Maybe that happens with the Reaper.

Halloween is getting closer and closer!