Party City has really upped their game for Halloween 2018. Just when you thought Spirit Halloween had all the cool props this year Party City jumped in. With a license to carry “It” and Pennywise props this year Party City is going to print money this October. Today they revealed a new animated Pennywise sewer prop. Check out the video below.

At 15 inches x 13 inches the animated Sewer Pennywise prop isn’t very big but big scares come in small packages. When activated Pennywise’s eyes light up and carnival music begins to play. Then Pennywise starts talking to you.

“You’ll float down here. We all float down here. Yes we do! Ha ha ha ha!”

I really like how clever this prop is. A lot of props are big and over the top. This one is small and simple. I think if you have this over in the street on Halloween night no one is going to knock on your door and ask for candy.

My only complaints are that I wish Pennywise’s mouth moved when he spoke and it wouldn’t hurt if his moved a little either. I also hate having the lights in the eyes. You can clip the wires if you hate the lights as much as I do but either way, in the dark this prop will do just fine and scare just about anyone. If you wanted to really freak people out you could get a rain coat and cut off one of the arms and set it beside the prop to really make it look like Pennywise was there eating kids in your neighborhood. A little fake blood or red paint might add a nice touch too.

At $79.99 the Sewer Pennywise prop is reasonably priced. It will be available on August 1 and will be in Party City stores in early September.