We have seen a lot of really cool Halloween props over the last few weeks from Spirit Halloween. But there are more coming. AnimatronicHalloween.com has learned of a new prop that is scheduled to drop sometime this weekend. The name of the prop isnt known but it looks like a scarecrow butcher. So until its officially released we are calling it The Scare Crow Butcher.

The Scarecrow Butcher looks really creepy. From the burlap mask that hes wearing to the hand that he ripped off someones body that hes holding the Scarecrow Butcher looks pretty damn cool. The prop will cost $149.99 and will likely be an oversized item. Spirit Halloween has been labeling all of their new props as oversized items so they can charge and extra $20 for shipping and handling in addition to normal shipping costs.

Check back because I imagine more info will be coming in the next few days about the Scarecrow Butcher and possibly even more Halloween props.Spirit Halloween has been releasing new props every few days so I imagine we will get another one on Friday or this weekend at the latest. Exciting Times!