It’s not even March and we are already seeing tons of new Halloween props for 2018 hitting the trade show floors and find their way to the internet. Morris Costumes is on a roll this year with several really cool props like Sweet Dreams the Towering Clown and the Winter Dragon. Now they have unveiled the Twitching Ghoul which will be released this summer in time for Halloween 2018.

Here is a video of the Twitching Ghoul in action. Check it out.

The Twitching Ghoul is pretty cool but he’s also similar to other skeleton props out there. I like the fact that his eyes light up blue instead of red. Just about every halloween prop with lights in his eyes are red. Seeing a different color is very refreshing. When activated the Ghoul moves around in a circular motion from his torso. As he moves his jaw dangles and moves back and forth (which is a pretty nice tough). I think if you placed him in a dimly lit room with a strobe light the ghoul would look pretty creepy. But if he’s in a well lit area people are going to walk up to him and not be very impressed.

At 6′ tall the Ghoul is pretty tall for a Halloween prop. He comes dressed in torn clothing and looks like he’d been through a lot. The prop is activated by a Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad. Like most Halloween animated props the sensor can be activated from up to 6.5 feet.

According to the folks at Morris Costume the Twitching Ghoul will sell around $199.99. As always the price will vary depending on the retailer and their profit margins. Depending on which store or site you visit the ghoul will generally be in the $179-$229 price range. Due to having several other skeleton/reaper animatronics in my collection I may take a pass on the Twitching Ghoul prop this year. Ultimately it’s your call and if you like him and feel the price is right, pay the money and bring him home.

Halloween is getting closer! We are closer to it than we were yesterday.