What’s scarier than a clown? A clown with a freaking chainsaw coming right at you! Even if you took away the chainsaw this guy would be straight up terrifying. Get a good look at Poison Props latest creation from under the big top the Clown Chainsaw Lunger!

This psycho clown is slicing up some poor guy who wasn’t fast enough to escape in half, then lifts the chainsaw over his head as his torso turns side to side. He shoots out 5′ over the table while head turns side to side. Nobody sees it coming and it is downright scary, especially if you are in a dimly lit room and think there is no way he could get to you.

Like most high end Halloween props the Clown Chainsaw Lunger will set you back quite a bit. He retails on Poison Prop’s website for $2,201.00 to $3,000.00 plus $325 for shipping and handling. That may seem like a lot but you have to think, this prop will be featured in some of the best haunted houses around the country this fall. If you want a quality prop you have to pay for it. You definitely won’t find something like the Clown Chainsaw Lunger at Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express in your local mall.

The Clown Chainsaw Lunger comes with either a 3 foot, 4 foot or 5 foot scissor throw to shoot him out. You get to decided which length you need when you make the purchase. The prop is a pneumatic and will require compressed air to work properly.

Keep checking back. There was a lot of cool stuff we saw at Transworld this weekend. And guess what? There is still more coming! We haven’t even seen what Spirit Halloween is doing this year. Halloween will be here in several months. Time to start planning ahead and saving some money!