Lowes is finally beginning to set out their Halloween merchandise for 2019 and once again, they are bringing back an animated witch. The Haunted Living Witch is this year’s offering for people want to add a little Wicca to their Halloween.

When activated the animatronic witch says one of the following five phrases.

“Trick or treat! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“How about a kiss? He he he he he!”

“So you want some treats? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Is that a mask? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Let me show you the true face of Halloween! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I’m not normally a huge fan of Lowes Halloween props but I do like the fact that the witch’s mouth moves when she talks. On the other side of the coin, it makes my blood boil that her eyes light up. Any prop that has eyes that light up always feels second-rate to me.

The Haunted Living Witch is priced at $149 at Lowes. As we all know, Lowes will being reducing the Halloween merchandise and you might be able to bring the old gal home for a lot less if you can wait it out. I’ve bought props for $25-$30 from Lowes the week of Halloween because they were desperate for the floor space to start putting out Christmas items.

If you really like the Haunted Witch go ahead and get her. I might have interest if I can get her for 75% off. I already have a similar witch so I’m not in a hurry to bring her home.

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