HauntCon 2020 is upon us and from what I saw today we are going to have a lot of fun this fall! Morris Costumes, also known as Seasonal Visions, has one of the best booths each year. And this year was no different! One of the first things I saw when I walked over to their booth was a ten foot tall clown prop that doubles as an entrance. This guy is really big and super imposing. Check out the video from HauntCon and check out the Looming Clown for yourself!

When activated the Looming Clown’s eyes light up and he begins to move back and forth. As he moves he also begins talking and says one of several phrases.

Hey everybody,come in and enjoy the festivities we have in store for you! Fun, laughter, Fear, mayhem, terror!

If you are a fan of clown animatronics this one is a no-brainer. Each year I do a clown tent and I’m seriously thinking about adding him to my ensemble and making him the entrance this October. It will be very easy to sit him in front of the entrance to the tent and make my guests go through his legs to see what is inside the tent.

It’s not known exactly what the Looming Clown will sell for at retail. It will vary depending on where you get him. From what I saw he will likely sell for $299-$399 but each store or website will be different. It’s not known whether or not Spirit Halloween will sell the prop. Spirit Halloween only bought one or two props from Morris Costumes last year. Typically Spirit Halloween doesn’t unveil their lineups for Halloween until the late summer so it might be a while before we know for sure. You will likely find the Looming Clown at other stores like Halloween Express or other independent Halloween retailers around the country.