Have you seen the new Gatekeeper animatronic prop from Spirit Halloween? He’s really creepy looking! In a sea of zombies, clowns and demented kid props, the Gatekeeper really stands out.

According to Spirit Halloween,

He has guarded the gates to the underworld since the dawn of time, his eternal post, his unyielding punishment for an unspeakable betrayal. A betrayal that was so evil even the demons of the underworld do not welcome his unnatural presence. Instead, the Gatekeeper must roam the outskirts of the necropolis forced to ferry the damned into their eternal unresting place.

When activated by a step pad or sensor the Gatekeeper comes to life and his eyes and lantern light up. He moves his left hand back and forth as he says several different eerie phrases.

“I have been waiting for you. Come this way and join the others. We’ll soon be departing… to where all lost souls are imprisoned! Huh huh huh!”

“Your liveliness sickens me. There is only one good thing for you, I’ll guide you to the underworld where we will make that souls of yours do some honest work! We’ll see how lively you are after a few hundred years! Huh huh huh.”

“(moans and echoing screams in the background) Listen to the soft singing of those that have fallen before you… they are calling your name, it is time for you to join them… for an eternity! Ha ha ha.”

“Oh yes, more souls to feed the dead. Please, pass through and let us take your life!”

At first I wasn’t sure about the Gatekeeper. But the more I thought about it, the more he grew on me. This guy would great out in a field with some fog all around. I can just see kids falling all over themselves trying not to walk anywhere near him.

Priced at $169.99 the Gatekeeper is a mid-range prop that will get you the scares you are looking for without having to empty the piggy bank. I really want to see him up close before I decide whether or not I am going to add him to my collection.

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Keep checking back. More creepy stuff is coming!