You knew it was coming and now it’s starting to happen. Spirit Halloween has finally started to announce their lineup of animatronic halloween props for Halloween 2020. Generally Spirit Halloween will announce some of returning favorites in the late spring until they start to drop new props in July.

The first confirmed animatronic is Sam from the Trick ‘r Treat movie that has become a cult classic in recent years.

If you haven’t seen Sam check out this video to get acquainted.

4.3 Ft Sam Animatronic Decoration – Trick …

You’ll be able to show off your horror movie fandom with this officially licensed… [More]

Price: $169.99
Sale: $169.99

Sam isn’t very tall. In fact, he’s only 4’3, but then again he’s not supposed to be very big since the character in the movie was tiny. When activated the Sam prop moves his arm up and down in a stabbing motion and his torso moves side to side as he laughs. Music also plays from the movie. One call feature is that you can show off the prop with either the classic burlap sack head, or feature him with his unmasked pumpkin head on.

You can check out our review here.

If you like Sam, don’t wait. Last year a lot of the most popular props were sold out before September and many people were disappointed when they couldn’t land their favorite animatronic.

Please keep checking back. There are a lot of cool things coming out in the next few months and I’m pretty excited!