Spirit Halloween made it official and we have confirmation that another top prop from 2018 is returning. The Animated Cocoon Corpse will available this year in stores as well as Spirit Halloween’s website. If you don’t remember what this animatronic prop looks like please check out the video below.

5.5 Ft Cocooned Corpse Animatronics – De…

Covered from head to toe in hungry spiders and wrapped in tightly-wound webs; this stru… [More]

Price: $159.99
Sale: $159.99

While the Cocooned Corpse is pretty cool I like to think of it as more as an accent prop. I think that to really make the prop pop you need to have a really big spider somewhere close to him. The Cocooned Corpse would look really cool in an old barn or somewhere outside that is off the beaten path and not right in front of you. If I put this prop up I’d want someone to casually walk by it and do a double take then look closer to find a big spider somewhere nearby.

At $159.99 the prop is reasonably priced but when you factor in shipping he can get a little expensive. If you can find the animatronic in store with a 20% off coupon you will be able to buy the Cocooned Corpse for $130 or so.

Halloween is getting closer. We can expect Spirit Halloween to start dropping hints as what 2019 has in store for their new props in the coming weeks! Man, I’m starting to get excited.