Halloween is right around the corner. Summer is just getting started but Spirit Halloween is already tipping their hand showing customers what will be in stores (and online) this fall. Last week Spirit Halloween announced that they are bringing back Michael Myers and today they revealed that the Ghost Trio animatronic is also returning.

Here’s a video of the Ghost Trio in action.

The prop consists of three 6′ ghosts with light up faces and posable hands. When activated the ghosts start swaying back and forth.

The first time I ever saw the Ghost Trio I wasn’t impressed. I saw the prop being demoed in a store and I thought it looked cheesy. A few weeks later I saw the Trio in my neighbors yard at night and I was blown away. In the light the prop looked silly but when the lights were out the Trio looked great!

The Ghost Trio animated prop came out two years ago and was a pretty popular prop. I remember in 2016 thinking I wanted to add them to my collection but I wanted to wait and see if I could get them half price after Halloween. I went to Spirit Halloween the day before Halloween and saw that the prop was still available so I felt pretty good about my chances. However, when I pulled up to the store on November 1 I found that someone beat me to it and paid full price on Halloween. That happens sometimes.

Like most new Halloween props the Trio is available for pre-order. The animatronic ghosts will ship in August and will arrive in time for Halloween.

The Trio costs $295.99 and has gone up approximately $100 since 2016. Spirit Halloween does offer 20% coupons throughout the year which will bring the cost down to $235 but you will still have to pay for shipping and then another $20 for oversized shipping.