Spirit Halloween has some tricks up their sleeves this year. After rolling out a ton of new props like Menacing Molly and Lil Zappy this month there is more to come. Amazon.com is showing a Haunted Vacuum on their site that comes from Spirit Halloween. It’s an animated prop that is a great idea for creeping out your guests around Halloween in a few months.

The Haunted Vacuum hasn’t been released yet and is not available at SpiritHalloween.com. It will likely be released in the next few weeks as the company has slowly put out teasers on Youtube followed by the unveiling the next day. It’s a good way to get Halloween fans excited and build a little anticipation for what’s coming out.

Earlier this month Spirit announced a big closeout sale where they drastically reduced prices on older props. Usually when this happens companies are trying get rid of inventory to make room for new items. This looks to be the case as Spirit has rolled out a lot of new props for 2017.

The Haunted Vacuum is in stock and ready to ship from Amazon. We’ve seen with newer Spirit props that they won’t ship until August. The prop runs on four AA batteries and is activated by a sensor. According to Spirit the Haunted Vacuum is 40 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

I am looking forward to seeing the Youtube video of the Haunted Vacuum which should come out soon. I’m thinking about getting the prop but want to see it up close before pulling the trigger. At $39.99 the Vacuum is reasonably priced and is a simple, yet great idea for Halloween. I have a lot of props that go outside but the Haunted Vacuum can be set up inside where your guests can get freaked out by seeing it turn on automatically and come towards them without anyone pushing it.