Apparently Spirit Halloween isn’t taking the weekend off after dropping four new animated props today the 5′ Hazmat Zombie suddenly appeared on their website. This is a pretty big surprise since Spirit has gotten into a habit of dropping sneak preview videos followed by an official unveiling on

Here’s the prop in action.

I’m not a big fan of Hazmat Haunts but I do enjoy zombies like every other red blooded American. It’s hard to really tell how lifelike his face is but it looks like there are some lights inside his mask that shine on his face. I’m not sure if the green stuff on the zombie’s face is some kind of fluorescent paint that appears to glow but it does look like it.

One of my main concerns with the props is that his arms don’t move. He does look menacing and growls at you but I think the prop could use a little tweaking. If they could make his arms look like they were trying to get his helmet off it might add to the prop. Or they could be reaching out to bite and unsuspecting victim like any other normal zombie.

I do like the pricepoint on the Hazmat Zombie. $129.99 is reasonable for any animatronic whether or not his arms move. Lots of animatronic props sell for around $200 so it’s good to see Spirit trying to put stuff out there for those of us who are on a budget this year.

This is one of those props that I will have to see close up before I make a decision about whether or not I need him in my collection. I do have a few zombies and I’m looking to add a few more. I’m not sure if a Hazmat Zombie would fit in with the group of regular face eating zombies I plan to put out this year. I also want to check out his face. I’m not above picking him up and putting a mask on him to look more realistic if I’m impressed by the animatronic.

The prop will ship in early August. It stands at 5′ and weighs 13 pounds. It goes without saying that the zombie doesn’t talk but he does growl.