If you are as stoked for the new animated Halloween props as I am you are going to love some of the new additions to Distortions Unlimited’s already impressive portfolio for 2017. This year the prop makers are rolling out moving tombstones. What’s more creepy than a tombstone in the backyard for your Halloween party? That’s right, one that moves.

Here’s the “Tipping Tombstone”,

It’s made from latex and foam and starts rocking back and forth when you plug it in. The tombstone retails on the Distortions Unlimited site for $232.

If you want something a little bigger you might want to look at the “Moving Monument”.

It’s taller than the tombstone and retails for $263 at DistortionsUnlimited.com.

Both items ship in one or two weeks according to the site. The tombstones also come with a CD that makes the creepy noise of a headstone or monument moving back and forth.

I’m not sure if I will add these to my collection. They look great online but I would like to see one up close before I commit to dropping $200+ on a prop to add to my graveyard. I have a lot of tombstones already but I think if I had one that was moving mixed with the others it would look extra creepy and freak out the guests at my Halloween party in a few months.

Distortions Unlimited has been making great props for years. I can’t wait to see what they come up with 2018!