Update: According to Spirit Halloween the sale runs until Tuesday, 7/11/2017 at 11:59PM PST.

Spirit Halloween has a great sale going on right now at their website. I’m no sure if they are trying to clear out their warehouse for the new props coming in for 2017 but these deals are going to be pretty tough to beat.

Here’s whats on sale right now.

The 6′ Lunging Haggard Witch has been marked down to $137.99, down from last year’s price of $229.99.

The 6.5′ Towering Witch has been marked down half price. Last year the prop was $249.99. Now it’s only $125.

The Swamp Hag is now $112.49, down from 199.99 last year. I can’t recommend the Swamp Hag enough. She might look silly but she scared the bejesus out of the kids in my neighborhood last Halloween.

The 5′ Undead Granny Animatronic has been marked down to $85, down from $169.99.

The 3.5 Wheelchair Granny Prop is 127.49, down from $229.99 last year.

Those are the best props that are on clearance. Spirit is offering some smaller props for sale but I’m all about the big animatronics for my Halloween party. I reached out to Spirit to see how long the sale will be going on for but have yet to hear back. I would imagine it would be good through the weekend but it’s really up to Spirit and also depends on how fast the items sell out.

One quick note, some of the props are considered oversized and you will have to pay an addition $20 for shipping. You can go to RetailMeNot and get promo codes that will take a little off of the shipping to make it more affordable.