Distortions Unlimited has a track record of churning out killer Halloween props every year and this year may have outdone themselves with the Winged Dragon prop.The Dragon stands 8′ tall and when his wings are expanded he is 10′. The prop gives off the illusion of breathing fire by using a fog machine and a light that looks like fire is coming from his mouth when he is breathing smoke. He is wearing a collar that makes it appear he is being held in place and keeping him from flying away.

The Dragon moves his head from side to side and he also moves his wings up and down as well as back and forth.

The Winged Dragon is very realistic and all the workmanship that goes into making it look like something out of Game of Thrones will cost you. The prop retails for $7,280 on the Distortions Unlimited site.

If you want to spend a few hundred bucks on a prop that looks a little cheesy the Winged Dragon isn’t for you. But if you have the funds to buy the prop your guests at your Halloween party will be looking for Daenerys Targaryen alongside her dragon.