Halloween is right around the corner and so is the Slender Man movie. Slender Man will hit the silver screen in August so you know when October rolls around Slender Man will be a hot commodity. Last year when It debuted in theaters in September Spirit Halloween sold out of their 7′ Evil Clown prop in three weeks. I expect the Slender Man film could cause the same problems for the new Slender Man props coming out this year. Party City is going all in with Halloween props and debuted a Creepy Slim Man prop that is new for 2018. Check out the video below.

The Party City take on Slender Man is actually better than the Slim Soul Stealer prop Morris Costumes is putting out this year. At eight feet tall the Creepy Slim Man is pretty damn big and is what you would expect out of a Slender Man prop with this black suit and long limbs..

The Creepy Slim Man isn’t available just yet and shows that it will be available for pre-order on August 1st at Party City’s website. Like most new props Party City will begin shipping them in August and you should receive it sometime in September, in plenty of time for Halloween.

I’m not sure if I will be adding the Creepy Slim Man to my collection. At $174.99 the prop is pretty expensive. Plus, I’m not a big fan of the Slender Man and never really understood his appeal. However, once the movie comes out in August and I get to check him out close I may just change my mind and decided to bring him home in time for my Halloween party in October. You never know, Slender Man could become as big as Pennywise was last year. It all depends on how the movie does at the box office.