The Midwest Haunters Convention isn’t the biggest Halloween convention of the year but it’s always a lot of fun and you get to see some things you see at other shows/conventions in the spring. Lots of top prop and mask manufacturers bring their goods to Columbus, Ohio to show off what is going to be hot in 2018. This year we saw all kinds of cool stuff in Columbus. Here are my favorite five things from the Midwest Haunters Convention this year.

1. Nicklewitty

My God, if you have Nicklewitty on your front porch on Halloween night it’s doubtful you will have a single trick or treater come to your door. This guy is straight up terrifying. Ever since “It” came out last year just about every prop maker has been putting out their version. When I saw Nicklewitty I did a double take. He is similar to Pennywise but has a lot more teeth and has a more menacing look. Pennywise likes to toy with his prey. Nicklewitty would straight up eat your face and not even crack a smile.

For more info on Metal Water Studio check out their website and like their Facebook page.

2.Toddler Terror

We first saw the Toddler Terrors at Transworld in St. Louis but the more I see them the more I love the creepy little kids. There are three of them to choose from; Lil’ Knox, Lil’ Sloth and Lil’ Kim. All three of them are great and would make a great addition to your haunt. They are a little pricey at $599.99 each but you can save a little money if you buy all three for $1,699.99. The Toddler Terrors are very cool props that will turn a lot of heads this Fall.

For more info check out Scare Products Facebook page.

3. Isabelle

Everyone loves the Annabelle and Conjuring movies that have been dominating the box office for the past few years. Dead Farm Productions saw an opportunity to scare the hell out of some people who watch the films and jumped all over it by rolling out Isabelle.

At first it might seem that Isabelle is a creepy large doll in a box watching you. Then as you start to walk away Isabelle comes after you! Isabelle is a lot of fun and I imagine you will be seeing a lot of her at your favorite haunted houses this fall.

For more info check out the Dead Farm Productions Facebook page as well as their Instagram account.

4. Iven the Great

We are big fans of Eville J’s Creepy Closet and first noticed Iven back in March. Iven the Great isn’t that scary but he is really cool and kid friendly. Sometimes we lose track of that and want the creepiest goriest thing we can find for Halloween. However, you need things in your haunt to appeal to kids as well if they are going to be present.

For more info check out the Eville J’s Creepy Closet Facebook Page and visit their website.

5. Wee Nixie Nursery

Wee Nixie Nursery has some of the most terrifying Halloween props I’ve ever seen. Everyone hates zombies and loves babies. So what did Wee Nixie Nursery do? They made a zombie baby that is so cute, cuddly and super creepy. Wee Nixie Nursery doesn’t do just zombies they also make werewolf and demon babies too. They even have a Pennywise version that is really sinister-looking.

For more info on their babies check out the Wee Nixie Nursery Facebook page.

Halloween is just a few months away!