We knew it was coming and today was finally the day. Last week Lowes reduced their Halloween items 25% to entice customers to purchase the seasonal items to make room for Christmas stuff in the back room. Today they took it to the next level by reducing their remaining Halloween inventory to half price until November 1. On November 1 Lowes will likely reduce whatever is left from their Halloween items 70% or more.

I’ve had my eye on the Holiday Living Black Widow animated prop that was exclusive to Lowes this year. She was initially priced at $119 then dropped to $89 last week. This morning the animatronic lady vampire went to $59 and I jumped on it. She was the last one in my local Lowes store so I was glad to get her before someone else did.

They had a lot of cool Halloween stuff still left but I’m going to hold off before pulling the trigger on the 16 foot tall inflatable Reaper. Initially the Reaper was $199 and now it’s only $99.50. I am hoping it will still be there after Halloween so I can pick it up for under $50. I’m not really an inflatable fan but the Reaper is so big it would be a good addition to my collection just for the fact that it’s so big and can draw attention to my house for the big party I do each year. Another item I have my eye on is the inflatable haunted house. It’s not spooky but it is something that I think I could put at the beginning of the driveway for all my guests to walk through.